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Curved Cat Scratcher

These curved cat scratchers make for cozy nesting spots for lazy days and convenient, corrugated paper cat scratchers to satisfy that feline urge to hone one’s claws to a razor-sharp point. The scratcher is double-sided for longevity and suitable for any small to medium-sized cat.


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About this item

Features -
  • Double-sided scratching mat
  • Doubles as a lounger for lazy days
  • Wear-resistant material
  • Curved for added comfort
  • Style: banana
Materials/care +

Your cat won’t go bananas on your furniture anymore with the curved cat scratcher


Cats have incredibly sharp claws and go through your clothes, towels, furniture, and soft wood like a hot knife through butter. 


Thankfully, they’re clued in and know to always look for the finest object to sharpen their claws.


This scratcher might just be your cat’s next favorite scratching post. The double-sided scratching pad is thick with corrugated paper to scratch that lasts for a lot longer than you’d think — and the curved shape makes for a comfortable resting spot after a hard day’s work.

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