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Cute Cat Tree

These cute cat trees come in two styles — chick and dinosaur. The belly of the beast is an open playtime tunnel and hideout for stealthy snoozes, and the whole tree is resistant to bites and scratches should your cat be in a grumpy mood. The stable base prevents the tree from toppling, and the spring ball tail toy is within reach when it’s time to slap something around.


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About this item

Features -
  • Cute scratcher tree with playtime tunnel
  • Stable base
  • Scratching post on the neck
  • Spring ball tail
  • Bite and scratch-resistant
  • Styles: yellow chick and green dinosaur
Materials/care +

This cute cat tree is barrels of fun


Need a cat tree? Tired of the tried-and-true?


These trees spice up your home decor with a healthy dose of fun. Whether you’re a fan of chicks or dinos, the stable base and hidey-hole stomach on these trees speak for themselves. 


They’re great for playtime, great for duos of cats, and great for hunkering down inside while you’re vacuuming in the other room. The fabric will hold out against the barrage of biting and scratching your cat is sure to throw at the poor ol’ dino (or chick!) — and the springy tail is just another toy to add to your cat’s arsenal of “things I’m allowed to attack”.

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