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Da Bird Cat Toy

Keep the local wildlife out of your kitty’s grasp with the bird-themed cat toy that’ll keep your cat engaged during playtime. There’s a  variety of options to choose from to suit your and your cat’s preferences.


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About this item

Features -
  • Simulation toy to stimulate hunting instincts
  • Replaceable bird toy
  • Detachable steel rod
  • 8 styles to choose from
Materials/care +

Bring out your furry friend’s inner hunter with da bird cat toy


At heart, your cat is an agile hunter – which you likely already know if you’ve ever let him scurry around outside chasing after wildlife. Cats deeply enjoy the whole hunting experience. They get a kick out of observing their prey and chasing after it when it’s within reach, and they love the moment of the catch.


This toy appeals to those hunting instincts.  

Grab the steel rod from its holder when you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to challenge your cat to a game of high jump. Or, use the suction cup to mount it somewhere high for your kitty to swat at. There are eight different bird styles to choose from.

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