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DIY Cat Toy

Cats love it when their prey is just out of reach. It speaks to their furry hunter’s instincts. This cardboard cat toy has a lot of holes to swipe at prey through – and the ball inside will keep your cat swatting until he’s all tuckered out.


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About this item

Features -
  • Contains a ball to swat, bat, and swipe at
  • Stimulates the urge to hunt
  • Lots of holes for cooperative playtime
  • Satisfies your cat’s need to scratch
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Catnip and plastic ball included
Materials/care +

This DIY cat toy is riddled with perfectly sized holes for mischievous paws


It’s fun to play with your cat, but sometimes it’s more fun to sit back and watch as your cat plays on its own – and let’s face it: cats are lazy. They need an incentive. Most cat owners have a lot of those toys that the cat wouldn’t touch with a barge pole unless you dangled it in front of their nose….


This cardboard toy comes with a ball that goes around in circles whenever your cat takes a swipe at it. That means two things – it stays where it’s supposed to be, and it keeps your cat engaged for longer play. No more mice, feathers, and balls rolling under the couch to worry about.


Plus, it’s made of cardboard. When your cat tires of play (don’t forget the catnip included), it makes for a great scratching post. Your cat can never have enough places to scratch.

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