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Elastic Cat Collar

If you’re struggling to find a collar that your cat doesn’t want to rip right off, this elastic cat collar could be just what you need. There is a range of bright colors to choose from. Plus, it is made with optimum comfort in mind, this might just be the only collar your kitty doesn’t mind wearing.


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About this item

Features -
  • Elastic, stretchy design
  • Bell to warn off local wildlife
  • Buckle design for a secure fit
  • Various vibrant colors to choose from
Materials/care +

The elastic cat collar designed to adjust to your cat’s every step


The elastic cat collar is one of the comfiest collars on the market. Its stretchy design makes it fit comfortably around your cat’s neck, while also making it difficult for your pet to remove. You can select from a great range of colors, each benefitting from a stylish look. There is also a convenient bell added to the collar. This prevents your feline from sneaking up on you and on local critters. Better yet, the sturdy buckle ensures that the collar stays in place and fits cats of nearly all sizes.

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