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Extra Large Litter Box

Give your kitty plenty of space to handle their business in this extra-large litter box. Featuring a sliding tray, you’ll find it easy to empty and clean, while the enclosed design keeps odors locked away. Your cat can enter through the large opening at the front, or through the top of the litter box. Thanks to its anti-splatter design, you’ll never have to worry about any unpleasant messes to clean up.


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About this item

Features -
  • Two-door design
  • Hidden tray that slides out for easy cleaning
  • Available in 4 unique color options
Materials/care +

Kiss nasty cat odors goodbye with this extra-large litter box

Standard litter boxes can often leave a lot of mess behind. They also don’t provide your cat with the privacy and space they need. This extra-large litter box comes with a fully enclosed design, offering plenty of space for your cat to move around and take care of business. Not only does this help to keep mess to a minimum, but it also perfectly controls odors, too. 


The litter box comes with a hidden tray that can easily be removed to clean it. It also comes with two entrances to help your cat get in and out with ease. If you love your feline friend but hate cleaning up their waste, the extra-large litter box is the perfect investment. 

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