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Flying Cat Toy

Delight your feline with this fun novelty flying cat toy and enjoy watching them soar through the air. Available in six unique and adorable designs, this hanging toy will keep your cat entertained all day long. Attached to an adjustable bungee cord, each unique character comes complete with bells and catnip to keep your kitty focused on their moving target.


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About this item

Features -
  • Adjustable bungee cord to suit cats of all ages and sizes
  • Bells and catnip included for maximum entertainment
  • Sticky hook included for durable and long-lasting installation
  • 6 fun designs to choose from
Materials/care +

A flying cat toy that will have your furry friend soaring to heights they’ve never imagined


It can be difficult finding a toy that holds your cat’s attention. However, thanks to the included bells and catnip, this flying cat toy is sure to become your pet’s favorite toy. Available in a total of six unique designs, you are sure to find one that your fussy feline approves of. 


This feather toy hangs from a bungee cord which you can attach to any surface via the sticky hook. It is easy to install, just peel back the sticky film and stick it to your chosen surface. This fun yet simple toy works like magic to keep your cat entertained. Plus, the adjustable bungee cord ensures that it will be suitable for any cat parent’s home.

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