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Gold Cat Collar

Make your kitty stand out from the crowd with this luxurious gold cat collar. With its pendant design, it looks more like a fancy necklace than a simple collar. Choose from five different colors, each one just as beautiful as the next. It is sure to make your cat feel like the royalty they are.


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About this item

Features -
  • Chainlink design
  • Detachable pendant
  • 5 stunning pendant colors
Materials/care +

Made for the coolest cats, the gold cat collar adds style and bling to your pet’s wardrobe


Make your cat stand out from the crowd with this striking gold cat collar. Designed just like a luxury necklace, your cat will be the talk of the town as they strut around with their new bedazzled collar. Since it fits like jewelry, your cat won’t notice it as much as they would with a snug-fitting collar. 


The beautiful pendant included in its design is easily detachable. This makes it easy to keep clean, and you can also take it off if it distracts your kitty. Plus, with different sizes to choose from, every cat in the house can have one.

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