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High Sided Litter Box

With its clean, spacious design, the high-sided litter box eliminates mess while giving your kitty extra privacy. There is plenty of space for your cat to turn around, ensuring they don’t stand on the dirty litter and trail it through the home. You can use it with or without the high fence walls, and it comes with a handy scoop to help clear up your cat’s messes.


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About this item

Features -
  • Removable, extra-tall walls
  • Reduces litter spraying
  • Available in 3 color options
Materials/care +

Avoid unnecessary mess and keep your home perfectly clean with the high-sided litter box


No cat wants to feel watched as they go to the toilet. Give them the privacy they need with this high-sided litter box. Available in a choice of three colors, it benefits from a spacious design and higher walls that help to keep your cat’s litter where it should be—in the box! 


You can easily detach the high walls and the rest of the box to make it easier to clean. The unique grid design helps to clean your cat’s paws as they exit the box, reducing the amount of mess trailed through the home. 


Made from strong, durable material, this high-sided litter box will help to make the job of cleaning out your pet’s litter a lot more enjoyable. 

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