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Horizontal Cat Scratcher

Take care of your cat’s ever-growing claws without sacrificing your furniture with this adorable horizontal cat scratcher. Laid flat on the floor, it comes in two different designs and is made from corrugated paper. This is widely used for its effectiveness in trimming claws without damaging them.


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About this item

Features -
  • Horizontal design requires minimal space
  • Naturally sharpens your cat’s claws
  • Highly durable materials
  • Random Pattern Available (Mouse or Fish) 
Materials/care +

Save space as well as your furniture with the horizontal cat scratcher


When you’re looking for the perfect cat scratcher, you’ll typically find they come as a post with a bulky base. While these can be effective, they do take up a lot of vertical space and many fall over as soon as your cat starts to use them. If you are looking to save space and invest in a product that will last, the horizontal cat scratcher is a great option.


It looks just like a thick doormat, providing your pet with plenty of space to sharpen their claws. Simple yet stylish, you can place the horizontal cat scratcher practically anywhere in the house. It even comes with a random design of a fish or a mouse that makes it look extra cute to you and more enticing to your cat.

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