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Igloo Litter Box

This igloo litter box is compact and fenced-off, granting your cat her own safe space to do her business. The clamshell lid folds upwards when you need to clean it, and the nature of the enclosed space means you’ll be reeling less from the smellier droppings she leaves behind on occasion.


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About this item

Features -
  • Enclosed space for private potty breaks
  • Contains bad odors
  • Translucent cat flap for extra privacy
  • Clamshell lid that folds upwards for instant access
  • Color: gray
Materials/care +

The space-age igloo litter box for brave explorers!


Would you poop with a wide-open door and the whole family watching?


No. Of course not – and cats being proud, independent creatures, value their privacy when it comes to private potty time.


This igloo bed is totally enclosed with a cat flap that gives your cat an added sense of privacy while she’s doing nature’s business. There’s something in it for you, too — the smell won’t be as bad. When your cat has done her thing and you want to clean the box, simply open the clamshell lid, remove the waste, and put it back down like you’d lower the toilet seat in your own bathroom.

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