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Incline Cat Scratcher

This incline scratcher is literally covered in corrugated paper scratching surfaces. The scratcher is wear-resistant and has a bell-ball toy in a trench to give your kitty a little bit of extra stimulation while using it. The ramp makes for a great addition to a cat bed for a quick scratch after a snooze or upon waking up in the morning.


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About this item

Features -
  • Incline scratcher that can be used as a ramp
  • Trench with ball toy
  • Scratching pads on three sides
  • Wear-resistant scratching pad
  • Comes with bag of catnip
  • Style: nature
Materials/care +

The incline cat scratcher with the built-in ball


This is an inclined cat scratcher with a twist:  a built-intrench containing a ball with a bell inside it. That might not sound like much, but consider this…


Your cat can’t get the ball out of the trench. That sounds frustrating (and probably is, now and then), but we like to think of it as an enticing problem for your kitty to solve. Sharpen claws, take on the bell toy, sit back and think.


All three long sides of the scratcher are covered in wear-resistant corrugated paper and the incline makes for a multi-purpose ramp to other kitty furniture. There’s a bag of catnip included as an added bonus, too — because why not? You’re treating your cat, after all.

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