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Interactive Cat Toy

This innovative and interactive cat toy provides a huge range of benefits for your kitty. Not only does it make an excellent toy, but it also helps to boost your cat’s IQ, relieve anxiety, and aid in training. You will have a fun, unique way to interact with your kitty, and the catnip infused ball will ensure they remain interested for hours on end.


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About this item

Features -
  • High-content catnip ball intrigues cats
  • Sturdy design that is difficult to knock over
  • Interactive rod and ball for extra entertainment
  • 5 beautiful colors to choose from
Materials/care +

The interactive cat toy that will boost your cat’s intelligence


This fun-packed interactive cat toy can be used automatically or manually. When placed upright, the toy rotates just like a turntable. When erect, it can be pushed by your cat or move on its own from the momentum of the swinging ball. A removable, concentrated catnip ball can be placed inside for hands-free play or help to ease your cat’s anxiety. This unique toy can be purchased in five different color options, and it is easy to store thanks to its detachable design.  

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