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Jumbo Litter Box

Looking for a litter box that’s a little different? 

This jumbo-sized litter box is surrounded on all sides by walls that keep cat litter off your sparkling floors and has a convenient hook for the (included) poop scoop when you’re not using it. Assembly is a breeze — and there’s a slatted step that wipes your cat’s paws when she climbs over it.


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About this item

Features -
  • Modern and futuristic design
  • Scoop included for easy cleaning
  • Large capacity for comfort and fewer messes
Materials/care +

This futuristic jumbo litter box suits cats of all ages


Why not do something out of  left field for your next addition to your cat’s inventory?


This futuristic jumbo litter box is wide enough for cats of all sizes and keeps your cat litter in the box and off the floor. The step has slits inside it to wipe away any kitty litter that seems intent on sticking to your cat’s paws, there’s a hook for the scoop, and the two-piece kitty box is assembled in mere seconds.

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