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Large Litter Box

This large, stylish litter box holds up to 12 liters of kitty litter and has barriers on all sides to stop your cat from making too much of a mess. The modern color scheme looks sleek against any backdrop — indoors or outdoors — and it comes with a poop scoop.


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About this item

Features -
  • Large litter box with lots of space
  • Detachable barriers to reduce overspill
  • Simple to assemble
  • Smooth material for easy cleaning
  • Filter step removes excess litter from your cat’s paws
  • Room for up to 12L of cat litter
  • Great for indoor and outdoor cats
  • Scoop included
  • Colors: clear white, sky blue, forest green, black green, senior ash and iceland blue
Materials/care +

This large litter box isn’t just stylish — it’s designed to combat messy paws and sloppy kitties!


Some cats might like tight spaces to do their business — but others don’t. 


This litter box is large enough to cater to cats of all sizes, and it’s great for use outdoors, as well. The tall, surrounding barriers stop your cat from flinging his litter all over the floor while he’s (ostensibly) cleaning up after himself, and the step has slats that remove excess litter from his clueless feet. There’s room for a lot of litter in this one – up to 12L — which makes it ideal if you need to be away for a couple of days.


The scoop ships as part of the package.

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