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Liquid Cat Treat

Ramp up the fun during kitty’s playtime with this safe and healthy liquid cat treat. Blow catnip-infused bubbles and watch your cat go wild trying to catch them. Great for bonding, exercise, and boredom, this affordable treat will help to curb bad behaviors as well as stimulate your cat’s senses.


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About this item

Features -
  • Nontoxic design
  • Catnip infused
  • Interactive play
Materials/care +

The liquid cat treat is the ultimate boredom buster


Admit it—blowing bubbles is fun! Bring back fond childhood memories as you introduce your kitty to this exciting liquid cat treat. Containing fresh catnip oil, your cat will go wild for this interactive gift. Simply blow the bubbles and watch as your cat desperately tries to catch them. As the bubbles burst, they release a mist of catnip into the air. This does wonders for your cat’s mood while also keeping them interested in the game.


Available at a super-low price, get the liquid cat treat now and start making long-lasting memories with your pet.  

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