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Litter Box House

Private, stylish, and easy to clean, the litter box house will revolutionize your kitty’s bathroom experience. Fully enclosed, it provides complete privacy for your cat, while also preventing litter spraying and a mat to catch any that fall off your furry feline’s paws. Choose from a variety of pastel colors and watch your home come to life.


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About this item

Features -
  • Fully enclosed house design
  • Large capacity to reduce cleaning and give your cat plenty of space 
  • Easy to empty drawer feature 
  • Front mat for catching loose litter
Materials/care +

Get your cat on the property ladder with this stylish litter box house


If you struggle to get your cat to use standard litter boxes, this stylish house-shaped box could be just what you need. Large and spacious, it offers a fully private and enclosed area for your cat. Not only does the enclosed design offer privacy, but it also helps to prevent odors from drifting around the home

The litter box is hidden behind a drawer which can easily be pulled out to empty and clean the litter. It also helps to reduce mess with a litter-catching mat, making it a lot more pleasant to clean. You can purchase the litter box house in several color options to suit your personal preferences. 

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