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Mechanical Cat Toy

It might look like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but unlike that terror monster of doom, this is one toy your cat will love. The toy functions whether it’s upright or on its side, and its spring-like motion gives your cat a real workout. There’s a slot for a catnip ball — and catnip ball included — for the lazier cats out there who need a bit of extra motivation, and the ball attached hangs about, just waiting for somebody to come and swat it.


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Features -
  • Swings and rotates when played with
  • Weighted to turn itself upright
  • Wheels allow it to move around
  • Ball or feather attracts your cat’s attention
  • Two modes of play
  • Can be used upright or horizontally
  • Contains high-content catnip ball
  • Colors: pink, yellow, black, blue, green
Materials/care +

This mechanical cat toy gives your kitty a real workout


Cats play to exercise, to relieve anxiety and stress, and to have fun. They’re playful animals at heart; you’ve seen their wide eyes light up when something catches their eye.


This mechanical toy has the right kind of eye-catching ball attached to it, and when your cat finally does investigate, she’ll be in for a surprise. The ball bounces around almost as frantically as your kitty will attack it — and there are two modes of play: horizontal, and vertical. The catnip ball inside will keep your cat coming back for more… And wearing herself out while she does it.


This is one toy that gives your cat a real workout.

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