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Medium Litter Box

We all have to answer nature’s call — cats and humans alike. This medium-sized litter box serves just that purpose. The high barriers surrounding the box help prevent messy spills for cats who take extra care while burying their waste, and there’s an appropriately sized scoop included for convenience. The litter box splits apart easily into two sections.


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About this item

Features -
  • Wide-open design for easy access
  • High barrier prevents overspill
  • Detachable top part that clips together
  • Smooth material for no-nonsense cleaning
  • Scoop included
  • Colors: pink, blue, gray
Materials/care +

The medium litter box that gets the job done


Pets need to go potty. It’s just one of the facets of being a pet parent — and this medium-sized box gets the job done without any nonsense.


The box is suitable for most household cats and comes with a poop scoop for removing excess waste. The high sides surrounding the litter box help keep the litter inside the box where it’s supposed to be, the wide-open design is appropriate for cats of all shapes and sizes, and the color schemes m

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