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Modern Cat Scratcher

Looking to upgrade your cat’s repertoire of luxury furniture? This is a cat scratcher, bed, lounging spot, and playground all in one. With two cat beds boasting a pillow each, several scratching mats and scratching posts,  and a detachable dangling ball toy,  this gray modern cat scratcher looks the part and plays it. The heavy wooden base is sturdy enough to keep it from tipping over (for particularly leap-happy cats), and the perching post up high gives your cat a place to retreat, relax, and survey her surroundings.


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About this item

Features -
  • Mid-sized scratcher
  • Sisal Scratching mats and posts on every level
  • Detachable dangling ball toy
  • Two hidey-holes
  • Perch up high
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cushions and non-slip mats included
  • Stable wooden base
  • Color: gray
Materials/care +

The modern cat scratcher for the cat of fine taste


Why buy separate utilities when you could opt for an all-in-one solution? This modern cat scratcher is made from high-quality materials and comes with everything your cat needs for a satisfying day of being a cat around the house.


Non-slip scratching mats, cozy cushions, hidey-holes, a dangling ball toy, and a high perch to observe you from — this scratcher leaves your cat wanting for nothing. Appropriate for multi-cat households, the sturdy wooden material is easy to clean and built to last.

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