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Mouse Cat Toy

Every now and then it’s okay to be literal, and it doesn’t get much more literal than a game of cat and mouse. This 6-pack of soft, chewable mouse toys is enough to last your kitty all summer, and the catnip contained within will ensure your cat doesn’t get bored even when you aren’t around to play with her.


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About this item

Features -
  • 6 mice included
  • Catnip inside to encourage longer playtimes
  • Chewable material
  • Options: variety color pack, grey, tan
Materials/care +

The mouse cat toy that won’t chew through your cables in the nighttime


Cats need soft toys they can sink their claws and teeth into when they play. For one, it’s good for their teeth and  claws. On top of that, it’s stimulating to their little feline brains. Cats bite their prey to kill it and relying solely on laser pointers (as fun as they are) doesn’t give them the satisfaction of the catch.


These mice are made from cloth material that’s ideal for scratching, clawing, biting, and that ridiculous dance of death your deadly furball does when it’s lying on its back and attacking with its rear paws. The catnip inside will keep your cat curious and active even when you aren’t around to toss the mice – and there are enough of them in this 6-pack that you’ll always have more on hand when one inevitably gets torn apart.

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