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Mushroom Cat Scratcher

This cat scratcher offers not one, but two mushrooms that are covered with scratchable sisal string — and the dangling ball is perfect to give those newly sharpened claws a test drive. The hemming is strong and resistant to punishment (meaning it will last a long time), and the base of the scratcher is covered in imitation lawn for yet another comfortable place to lie about.


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About this item

Features -
  • Lots of places to scratch
  • Toy ball attached
  • Two mushroom scratching trees
  • Imitation lawn for lazy days
  • Strong and sturdy hemming
  • Colors: gray, pink, and brown
Materials/care +

This mushroom cat scratcher is your cat’s very own mushroom kingdom


No cat goes for more than a few hours without a nice, long stretch. 


Regular stretching is one of the key reasons cats remain so agile — and always land on their feet.  Scratching helps your kitty to stretch the muscles in her legs and shoulders.


This mushroom cat scratcher is covered from head to toe in durable sisal string. There are lots of alluring places to sink some claws into, and an imitation lawn to sprawl out on after a satisfying scratching session. The toy ball, dangling tantalizingly from a height, is just an added bonus.

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