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Natural Wood Cat Tree

This solid wood tree gives your cat ample space to climb to new heights. With four spacious platforms to ascend, your cat will never be left wanting for climbing estate again. The best part is the ceiling stopper that braces the tree against the more eager (or clumsy) of cats who have a tendency to knock things over.


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About this item

Features -
  • Towering climbing tree for elevated adventures
  • Four platforms high above the ground
  • Solid, natural wooden material
  • Scratching posts all the way up the tree
  • Topple-resistant design
  • Ceiling stopper platform extends for bracing with reinforced bolt screw design
  • Easy assembly
  • Style: natural wood
Materials/care +

This towering natural wood cat tree is a veritable kitty skyscraper


In spirit, cats think of themselves as our betters. Their intellect and  demeanor (they believe) are far superior to our own.


This tree lends itself to that lofty perspective they carry around with them. Made from polished natural wood, the four platforms are ideal for cats who love to live above it all. The ceiling stopper extends to brace the tree and keep it firm and sturdier than an oak tree in its prime.


What’s more, it’s easy to assemble — and one glance at the photo tells you it looks good anywhere.

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