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Orthopedic Cat Bowl

If your cat is getting  older or suffers from arthritis or mobility problems, it’s time to think about replacing her bowls with something that’s comfortable to eat from. Orthopedic bowls aren’t just for senior cats though. andthis orthopedic cat bowl is tilted,making eating easier and more comfortable for any cat to eat from.


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About this item

Features -
  • Three-legged base to maintain sturdiness
  • Tilted for comfortable feeding time
  • Resistant to being knocked over
  • Two-tone design
  • 4 color options: red, yellow, pink, green
Materials/care +

Make dinner time a pleasure with this neck strain-sparing orthopedic cat bowl


This orthopedic cat bowl is designed to allow your cat to eat in a more natural position. If you’ve ever had a crick in your neck after hunching over a low coffee table to eat, you know the feeling.


The  PET and PP plastic material this bowl is made from won’t harbor harmful bacteria and it is easy to clean. And, its sturdy, three-footed base will prevent your cat from knocking it over and creating a mess if he’s a bit clumsier than usual.

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