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Pagoda Cat Tree

This pagoda tree comes in a wood and cream style that matches any modern household. 

The padding on the platforms is thick and downy, making every catnap or scouting mission a comfortable endeavor. With two seats and two loungers, the pagoda is great for two or more cats to share — and the scratching posts adorning the supports give everybody their fair share of string to claw. The ground floor hidey-house comes with a cushion for the best sleep around.


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About this item

Features -
  • Elegant pagoda with lots of places to perch
  • Two round seats
  • Two loungers
  • Solid wooden base
  • Great for two or more cats
  • Scratching posts on every support
  • Thick and cozy mats on every platform
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ground-floor kitty hideout with cushion
  • Style: wood
Materials/care +

An elegant pagoda cat tree for a refined household alcove


This wooden cat tree is your cat’s new place of worship.


The luscious padding is the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a spa for humans, and no cat visiting this spa will be left wanting for places to hone their claws or laze around and doze off. There’s a cushioned house on the ground floor that offers extra privacy and the mat padding is detachable in case you need to clean it. 


The stable wooden base and overall high-quality wooden frame mean this tree is firmly rooted to the ground.

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