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Plastic Litter Box

Make your aging kitty’s life a little easier with this wide-open litter box. The step is positioned to make it easier on their joints for those cats who have put on a few extra pounds in their retirement. The splash barrier reduces litter overspill, and the box is easily disassembled without any hassle.


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About this item

Features -
  • Semi-enclosed design to keep odors at bay
  • Choice of 3 stylish color options
  • Expertly circulates air throughout for improved hygiene
Materials/care +

Bring some joy into your home with the colorful plastic litter box


With its ventilated design, the plastic litter box works wonders at reducing odors. Its semi-enclosed design also helps to minimize messes and protect your floors. 


You can purchase this high-quality box in a variety of beautiful color options and numerous sizes. One of its best features is that it allows your cat to walk in without bending down. The more convenient a litter box is to use, the higher chance that your cat will use it. 


If you’re looking to reduce mess and odors, as well as provide your cat with a private and safe place to go to the toilet, this plastic litter box is a great option. 

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