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Realistic Mouse Toy For Cats

Your cat knows deep down that it’s not the real thing, but this realistic toy comes in a close second place. It darts across the room at the pull of a string. Its fluffy coat reminds your cat of the prey it’s naturally inclined to hunt — and the mechanism doesn’t need batteries.


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About this item

Features -
  • Pull the tail and watch it go!
  • Runs away to motivate your cat for the chase
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Colors: brown, grey
Materials/care +

Keep your cat away from the hamster cage with this realistic mouse toy for cats


Whether it’s the pet goldfish, rodents in a cage, or the noisy parakeet, your cat is fascinated by the animals around it. Don’t forget: your cat is also a fluffy package of homicide and is probably better than you think at ending up on the wrong side of one of those cages.

It’s best to intervene and distract your cat with harmless, realistic toys before that happens.

This fluffy wind-up hamster toy appeals to your cat when you let it dart across the floor. It’s the same size as a real hamster with none of the explaining-how-the-world-works to a distraught child when your cat catches up to it.

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