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Robot Cat Toy

Does your kitty need a new sidekick for fun shenanigans and mischief? This robot toy runs away when your cat plays with it and is smart enough to swerve out of the way of table legs and regular legs. It darts around randomly — reminding your cat of a mouse — and goes back to sleep when it’s not needed. And how could you say no to its cute LED face?


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About this item

Features -
  • Runs away when played with
  • Avoids obstacles automatically
  • Changes direction randomly
  • Colorful LED light
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Automatic standby after 3 minutes saves battery life
  • Colors: Blue, yellow
Materials/care +

This elusive robot cat toy is smart as a fox!


Is your cat chasing after the Roomba again? This robot won’t vacuum your kitchen tiling, but it will run away and hide at the slightest touch. With automatic obstacle avoidance, this toy is an expert at staying in the game for longer. That means no more fishing toys out from behind the couch, thank you very much!


When your kitty decides it’s playtime, the robot rolls about your living room floor. It might look cute with its harmless LED face, but it’s surprisingly effective at staying out of paw’s reach — the robot changes direction randomly every few seconds to keep your cat guessing. It doesn’t need batteries to run (just a fresh USB charge) and it will go to sleep after a couple of minutes of inactivity, meaning more playtime between charges.

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