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Robot Mouse Cat Toy

Up for a game of cat and mouse? This wireless robot mouse toy is agile as the real thing and fluffy as a bunny. The wireless controller works from a distance of up to 10 meters, with the option of moving forward and reversing, and steering in both directions. The mouse works best on smooth floors. 


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Features -
  • Wireless remote-controlled mouse that zips around the house!
  • Moves forward and reverses
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Steers left and right
  • Agile with high-speed rotation
  • Up to 10-meter range
  • Colors: white and gray
Materials/care +

Find out how agile your cat really is with this wireless robot mouse cat toy 


Playtime with your cat means deepening the bond between you. Your cat knows it’s not the real thing — but, just like us, cats love to have fun. And for a cat, chasing after a fast-moving target is just that.


This radio-controlled mouse lets you play with your cat with one hand while you’re eating a burrito, watching TV, or recording on your phone with the other.

Capable of moving in any direction, the fluffy mouse is quicker than it looks and nimble enough to get under tables and couches before your cat can pounce. Try it out — and remember to play with sound as well as sight. There’s little that will capture a cat’s attention more than prey it can hear, but not see.

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