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Self Cleaning Cat Brush

This cat brush is self-cleaning with its nifty one-click hair removal button. The soft bristles relax your cat while you groom her, and they’re densely packed — meaning you’ll get at all that excess shedding before it makes a mess of your carpets. The waterproof brush needs only a quick rinse before it’s ready to use again.


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About this item

Features -
  • Easy-clean cat brush with safety bristles
  • One-click hair removal
  • Painless and relaxing for your cat
  • Soft-tipped bristles
  • Removes dead undercoat
  • Waterproof material
  • High-density pin needles remove shedding and dander
  • Colors: pink, blue, and gray
Materials/care +

Grooming time is a breeze with this self-cleaning cat brush


A cat brush is a great way to fight back against hairballs and loose hair that seems to stick to the furniture like it’s made of glue.


This cat brush makes matters simple.


The soft-tipped bristles are tightly grouped and do a great job of removing dead undercoat and pulling out loose hairs (that were going to come out anyway) while giving a purr-fect massage that will put her half to sleep.


Once you’re finished, the one-click hair removal button makes cleaning the brush a breeze — simply click it, pull the loose hair out, and rinse it under a flowing tap.

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