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Sisal Rope Cat Tree

This sisal rope cat tree is a portable prevention device to stop your cat from attacking your expensive furniture. The thick sisal is what your cat likes to scratch most. It’s long-lasting — and will probably outlive the extra mouse toy that’s attached to the top of the tree.


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About this item

Features -
  • Sisal rope tree with wooden base
  • Hanging mouse toy
  • Natural wooden material
  • Thick, high-grade scratching material
Materials/care +

This sisal rope cat tree is the cat scratcher with none of the fuss


Need an extra cat scratcher or two around the house? When a cat has the urge to scratch, he’ll go about satisfying it in the most efficient way. Cats sleep everywhere, and often scratch when they wake up — so it pays to have appropriate scratching posts dotted around your house.


This vertical scratcher tree is wrapped with thick, high-grade sisal that will last for a long time. There’s an extra hanging mouse toy mounted for good measure (or good luck), and the natural, sisal-wood look suits every home decor without becoming intrusive.

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