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Small Cat Scratcher

These scratchers can be used as a comfortable sitting mat or hung from a hook on the wall. They’re made from soft sisal materials that feel satisfying to scratch.


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About this item

Features -
  • Soft cat scratcher
  • Can be hung from a hook
  • Doubles up as a sleeping mat
  • Styles: cactus with yellow flower, cactus with red flower, avocado
Materials/care +

Hang this small cat scratcher up at head height and your kitty will thank you


Cats of every kind need to scratch regularly to stretch and keep their claws sharp. Regular scratching and stretching are part of the reason they’re such agile creatures, and you’re asking for trouble if you don’t give them a scratcher of their own.


These sisal scratchers are soft and can double up as a sitting mat. Alternatively, simply hang them (in a reachable place) for a little extra stretch whenever your four-legged friend decides it’s time to scratch again.

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