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Small Litter Box

What’s behind that curtain? Better not open it and find out!

This small litter box keeps bad smells away from your nostrils with a confined space to house them in and an activated carbon deodorizing filter to handle the worst of the stink. It’s compact and comes with a poop scoop for getting rid of the yucky stuff, with a detachable lid that locks in place for the clumsier cats out there.


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About this item

Features -
  • Enclosed space with cat flap for private relief
  • Reduces splash and overspill
  • Keeps bad smells at bay
  • Detachable lid that locks in place
  • Aerated with activated carbon deodorizing pad
  • Smooth material that’s easy to clean
  • Storage slot for the scoop
  • Scoop included
  • Styles: transparent lid, pawprint lid, and cat lid
Materials/care +

The small litter box for big-time business


This bubble-shaped litter box might be small, but it comes packed with features.


It’s enclosed (obviously) to give your cat some private time on the toilet. Around the back is an aerated filter that’s meant to house an activated carbon filtering pad — and if you’ve never used one before, you’re missing out. Activated carbon neutralizes bad smells faster than your cat can produce them.


There’s a slot to attach the included poop scooper to for easy reach, and the top section of the litter box locks in place — which stops your cat from accidentally headbutting it and making a royal mess on your freshly cleaned kitchen floor.

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