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Snake Cat Toy

All cats need ample playtime. But sometimes you’re simply too tuckered out to play with them, and an under-stimulated cat can turn into a nuisance quickly. This snake cat toy responds to pressure and crawls around just like the real thing – with all of the fun and none of the venom. It’ll avoid obstacles on its own and go back to sleep when your cat has had enough fun.


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About this item

Features -
  • Crawls around like a live snake
  • Responds to touch
  • Auto-sleep to preserve battery life
  • Sticks its tongue out when moving
  • Infrared sensors allow it to avoid obstacles
  • USB Charger for easy recharging
  • Screwdriver included
  • Removable body sections
  • On/Off switch under the base of the snakehead
  • Color: red
Materials/care +

Keep your cat from chasing its own tail with this automated snake cat toy

When it comes to the bond between you and your cat, playtime is quality time.


Yet sometimes, life just gets in the way of fun. Whether you’ve got to catch up on work, run errands, or clean up after a mess, you don’t always have the hours left in the day to give your cat the exercise it needs.


This lifelike snake toy is stimulating and behaves like a real snake, minus the biting. It will crawl around, avoid obstacles, and respond to touch – meaning it’s always ready to rumble when your cat wants to play another round of whack-a-snake. It’s USB-chargeable, so don’t worry about replacement batteries, and it even comes with the right-sized screwdriver in case you need to take it apart.

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