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Stuffed Cat Toy

Cute, colorful, and packed with catnip, this stuffed cat toy is sure to attract and keep your kitty’s attention. This chew toy helps to both clean and soothe your cat’s teeth. As they bite down on the toy, it creates a rustling sound, keeping them interested by creating the illusion that the toy is alive, and therefore something to be killed! Pick between five beautiful colors and watch your cat’s face light up when you toss them their new toy.


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Features -
  • 5 colorful designs
  • Filled with catnip to attract your cat’s attention
  • One size suitable for all cats
Materials/care +

Introduce your cat to their new best friend with this adorable stuffed cat toy

With its small yet colorful design, the stuffed cat toy is a favorite with even the grumpiest of felines. Available in five bright colors and unique face designs to match, your kitty will have heaps of fun while chewing, kicking, and swiping their new toy across the room. 


Filled with catnip, this humorous teddy is sure to delight your rowdy feline. Not only does it help to attract their attention, but it provides a fantastic soothing experience as your cat bites down into it.


Don’t be surprised to find your kitty snuggled up with this adorable stuffed cat toy after they have spent all day batting it around. This plush cat is more than just a toy, it is sure to become your cat’s new best friend.  

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