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Summer Coat For Cat

These cat coats are contemporary style in miniature form. Available in stylish, washed-out colors that look great against any coat of fur, they’re made of lightweight and breathable cotton fabric and can be tightened around the waist if need be. You’ll find sizes available fitting all manners and breeds of cats.


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About this item

Features -
  • Breathable, lightweight late summer coat
  • Adjustable belt around the waist
  • Button-up front
  • Color schemes: washed-out modish
Materials/care +

The slender cat summer coat for walks in style


Looking like an article that’s straight out of a trendy lifestyle magazine, this modish summer cat coat is perfect for the summer, fall, and the seasons in-between. It’s made from lightweight polyester cotton that’s non-obtrusive to wear, with a slender cut that doesn’t get in the way of your cat’s step.


The coat buttons up at the front (like a real human coat!) and has an adjustable belt around the waist in case your cat puts on an extra pound or two over the seasonal holidays.


The coats are available in a wide range of sizes fitting housecats of all breeds.

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