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Sunflower Cat Scratcher

The garden in your living room, this vibrant scratcher offers your cat two ways to scratch. The stalk is covered with string for quick access, the angled flower head is great for stretching out those hind legs, and the imitation lawn is a soft place to laze around and do nothing on.


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About this item

Features -
  • Two ways to scratch
  • Scratching pad in the flower
  • String-covered stalk
  • Imitation lawn to lounge around on
  • Vibrant colors
  • Reinforced screws
Materials/care +

This sunflower cat scratcher is a slice of summer in your living room


Sunflower fields are gorgeous. They encapsulate the essence of a hot summer and a better time – and if you’ve never had a picnic in a sunflower field, you’re missing out. 


This cat scratcher might be designed for indoor use, but it’s still reminiscent of all things great about the hot season. The flower has an angled scratching pad that’s raised up, which means a good scratch is accompanied by a nice stretch, and the imitation lawn at the base is ideal for lounging around. The stalk is wrapped with string for a lazier morning scratch for sleepy heads.


The flower’s vibrant colors attract your cat to it and help your cat to remember it’s there. This is one piece of cat furniture your kitty isn’t going to overlook.

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