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Top Entry Litter Box

Uniquely designed for hygiene and privacy, your cat will love the top entry litter box. Available in several color options, your kitty can enter through the large circular flap at the front and exit out of the top of the box. A scoop is included to make cleaning their mess a breeze, and you’ll find it easy to take apart and clean thoroughly.


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About this item

Features -
  • Anti-splash, private design
  • Scoop included
  • 2 holes for cats to enter or exit
  • Pull-out bin for easy litter scooping
Materials/care +

Eliminate mess and odor with this innovative top entry litter box


Available in a choice of stand-out colors, the top entry litter box is designed to reduce mess and give your kitty a sense of privacy. They can enter and exit the box via the front or top flap, and the litter box is fully enclosed to protect your floor from any mess and eliminate odors.


For easy cleaning, the box slides out like a drawer. Use a scoop for spot cleaning or take the box out completely to wash it when required. Its stylish design ensures the top entry litter box will look fabulous no matter where it is placed in the home.

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