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Toy Cat For Kids

Naptime isn’t only for infants. A comfortable nap goes a long way, and sometimes your furry companion isn’t down to snuggle. This cat toy for kids comes in every size from as small as a baby to the height of a young teenager — and they make for a great collection when paired up together in different sizes. The soft, PP cotton is non-toxic and comfy as a cuddle buddy or a pillow alike.


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About this item

Features -
  • Soft pillow for comfortable naps
  • Full-body size
  • Non-toxic material ideal for babies, toddlers, and children
  • Colors: gray, pink, brown
  • Sizes: 50 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, 110 cm, 130 cm
Materials/care +

This life-size toy cat for kids is begging for a hug — and gives as good as it gets!


You’re here because you’re a cat lover. You feel it in your bones, and what better way to celebrate your partiality to four-legged friends than with a life-size toy cat that’s reaching out (literally) to be embraced?


These pillows are made from high-quality PP cotton and filled with soft plush, and there are five distinct sizes and three colors to pick from — enough to suit any size kid from a young toddler to a pre-teen fan of all things cat-related. Naptime has never felt so good.

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