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Triangle Cat Scratcher

If you’re in the market for a fashionable wooden cat scratcher, this durable triangle tent is tailored to you. The three-sided scratching pad is sloped for an extra stretch and the thick scratching boards last for a long time. There’s even some catnip included if you need to train your cat on the scratching pad.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stylish three-piece scratcher
  • Thick and durable scratching boards
  • Great for hiding and play
  • Sloped for stretching
  • Screwdriver included
  • Catnip included
Materials/care +

This tent-shaped triangle cat scratcher goes with everything


Does your cat need a new place to trim his nails? Did he tear your couch to shreds and you decided it’s time for an upgrade?


This tilted wooden scratcher comes with a screwdriver for easy assembly and there’s a bag of catnip included to train your cat to use it. Made from high-quality wood, it boasts a modern style and is great to lie in and stick a curious paw through. The slant allows it to stand upright anywhere and lets your cat get a deeper stretch while sharpening his claws.

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