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Vertical Cat Scratcher

Want to spoil your cat for choice? This vertical scratcher can be installed in three different ways — upright, down low, and something in-between to suit cats of all ages. It’s a bed, a lounger, and a scratching pad all in one. The solid wooden frame keeps the cardboard scratching pad intact for longer.


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About this item

Features -
  • Solid wood frame prevents cracking in cardboard
  • Can be constructed in three different ways
  • Curved design
  • Sizes: small and large
Materials/care +

A multi-purpose vertical cat scratcher 

Cats need to scratch regularly to relieve stress and trim their claws and make no mistake: Every cat will find something to scratch. Whether it’s your expensive upholstery or a designated scratching mat is up to you.


This stylish cat scratcher suits any modern style and blends in neatly with the furniture. The wooden frame slows the rate of deterioration and prevents cracking in the cardboard, meaning it will last longer – and there’ll be less mess to clean up after your cat has had a go at it.


The legs can be attached in three different ways to suit younger cats and older ones alike.

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