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Wave Cat Scratcher

Give your four-legged friend her very own, cat-approved armchair that enhances the look of your house and the satisfaction of your cat. The angled design is comfortable, and your cat will be using it as a bed in no time. Wake up, scratch, stretch, and repeat. The frame helps to prevent damage to the scratching pad over time.


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Features -
  • Functions as a lounger, scratching pad, and bed
  • Solid wood frame prevents cracking in cardboard
  • Angled for maximum comfort
  • Bag of catnip included
Materials/care +

This wave cat scratcher is the boss chair in any room


While they have multiple sleeping spots dotted around the house – each with its own special purpose, of course — cats tend to rotate between a handful of them… And this wave scratcher is the kitty equivalent of a luxury armchair.


The sleek design functions as a lounger, a scratching pad, and a bed all in one, which is how your cat would define “luxury furniture” if she could speak. The wooden frame doesn’t just look good, it’s solid and prevents the scratching pad from breaking apart. That means fewer trips around the house with a vacuum cleaner. As an added plus, there’s a bag of catnip included in case your supply was running low.

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