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Weighted Cat Bowl

Treat your cat to a life of luxury with this exquisite bone china weighted cat bowl. The ceramic material is non-absorbent and the base is elevated for optimal feeding comfort, with extra weight to make sure it never tips even if your cat is on the chunky side.


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About this item

Features -
  • 45º bevel design reduces spinal pressure
  • Elevated to lessen the burden on the spine
  • Stable, weighted base to stop spills and prevent accidents
  • 5 stylish designs to choose from
Materials/care +

Serve up your kitty’s meals in style with this weighted cat bowl


Ever wonder why so many cat bowls favor wide, open designs?


It’s the whiskers. 


Cat whiskers are highly sensitive to touch – they’re how your cat knows where it will and won’t fit. And during prolonged mealtimes, regular bowls can cause whisker fatigue. This weighted cat bowl isn’t just a fashionable addition to any kitchen supply—it’s designed to prevent whisker fatigue.

It’s also elevated, which lessens the pressure on your kitty’s spine, and the base is heavy enough that you won’t need to worry about your cat knocking it over and causing a kerfuffle.

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