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Whisker Relief Cat Bowl

Perfect for pampered kitties, this ceramic cat bowl features a unique anti-splatter design and shallow bowl to protect your cat from whisker fatigue. Available in a fishbone or paw print design and three lavish stand colors, it is ideal for providing your cat with added comfort while they eat and drink. Buy each piece separately or as a set for the ultimate customization.


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About this item

Features -
  • Elevated ergonomic design
  • Shallow bowl offers relief from whisker fatigue
  • 3 color variations and two patterns
  • Anti-splatter design for mess-free mealtimes
  • Bowl and stand sold separately
Materials/care +

Give your cat the royal treatment with the whisker relief cat bowl


This fabulous cat bowl benefits from a stylish and elegant aesthetic. It is designed to lift the bowl off the ground and supports your cat’s neck and spine. The bowl is shallow enough to keep your kitty’s whiskers from rubbing while they eat and drink, too. 


There are three colors available for the stand and a paw print or fishbone design for the ceramic bowls. It also comes with an anti-splatter design to ensure your floor stays free from your cat’s leftovers, and you’ll find it a breeze to keep clean thanks to its smooth ceramic and metal materials.

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