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Wire Cat Toy

This wire cat toy has the bell minus the whistles. The attached feather is fluffy and reminds your cat that it’s high time to chase after birds – and the springy action and jangling bell will catch her attention in an instant. It’s like a fishing rod for catching cats.


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About this item

Features -
  • Feather toy to stimulate play
  • Attached bell and beads to intrigue your cat
  • Springy wire that bounces when swatted at
  • Great for active playtime
Materials/care +

Dangle this irresistible wire cat toy in front of your furry buddy and watch the chaos unfold


Have you ever fallen victim to the belly rub bait and switch?


That’s the trick your cat plays on you during playtime. She’ll roll over, act innocent, beg for belly rubs… And then tear your hands to shreds with a sneak attack. Sometimes, it’s best to keep your distance.


This wire toy keeps your soft skin well out of reach during a playdate with your cat. If the feather isn’t enough to grab your cat’s attention, the bell that’s fastened to it certainly will. You’ll be surprised just how high a cat can jump when there’s enough incentive.

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