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Yellow Cat Coat

These windproof cat coats have a flexible, elastic neckline and a silky woolen interior that keeps your cat warm no matter what.


They’re snug around the upper body yet keep the lower body free for agile movement, available in a wide array of sizes, and button up down the chest to ensure they stay put.


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About this item

Features -
  • Windproof windbreaker 
  • Elastic neckline
  • Knitted wooly interior
  • Allows for good freedom of movement
  • Button-up front
Materials/care +

The windbreaking cat coat for long outdoor hikes beneath a dreary sky


This cat-sized windbreaker comes straight out of a British countryside catalog. All that’s missing to complete the picture are the horses and Wellington boots.


The country coats come in a huge range of sizes fitting all manner of cats and have a flexible, elastic neckline that’s tight but not uncomfortable when worn. The insides of the coat are cozy knitted wool that warms your cat right down to the bone, and the windbreakers button up down the chest to keep them snug and wrapped around your cat.


The perfect companion for a long winter walk.

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