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How to Put the Happy Cats Guide eBook Into Practice

Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards


Put Everything Into Practice

In this book, we have walked through the key steps required to create an ideal indoor environment for the beloved felines in your life. Now it is time for you to knuckle down and get started on making some of the changes in your home.

Often it does not actually take many changes to have a significant positive effect on the lives of the cats in your home. Don’t forget that it all starts with starting to see your home from your cat’s point of view.

Hopefully, this book has given you some insight into how cats act and behave both in the wild as well as domesticated indoor cats, helping you to better appreciate your pet.

Understanding the basic feline needs of food, water, toileting, safe place, and enrichment will put you in good stead at the beginning of this process. Ensuring that these five needs are covered will provide you with an excellent platform to continue and improve your home for your cats.

cute ginger cat with paws up
Image Credit: Alena Ozerova, Shutterstock

Be sure to start out by drawing out a basic map of your home. Consider the areas your cats currently spend most of their time, where they currently eat, drink, and toilet, and where their safe places might be. You can then start to make some basic changes to where they carry out each of these basic functions, which will serve to decrease stress and increase happiness within your home.

Once these basics are covered, you can then begin to add on, layer by layer, some of the other tips and tricks mentioned in the previous chapters of this book to further improve and enrich their lives.

Utilizing the most up-to-date cat toys and making the most of modern cat furniture from Hepper can further help you to create the ideal indoor environment for your cat.

Ultimately, these feline-friendly changes to your home will improve your cat’s life, improve the interactions between your cat and other animals in your home, and ultimately lead to happy and stress-free cats and owners.

Don’t wait any longer. Start ‘thinking cat’ today, and begin making the changes in your home that will improve and enrich your cat’s life

All the best to you in your quest for creating the ideal indoor space for your feline family!

~Dr. Edwards

This is Chapter 12 of the 12 Chapter Series:

Feature Image Crdit: Anel Rossouw, Pexels

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