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10 Reasons Why Cats Are So Curious — You Need to Know!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

bengal cat looking curious in the shower

Cats are well-known for their curious natures, but have you ever taken the time to think about why they’re so curious? There are quite a few reasons cats are among the most curious animals in the world, and we’ve highlighted 10 of the most common reasons cats are so curious for you here. That way, the next time your cat tries to figure something out, you can have a deeper understanding of why they’re doing it, and you might even be able to help them discover a few more things to be curious about!

The 10 Reasons Why Cats Are Curious

1. They’re Smart

Cats are extremely intelligent creatures, and part of having high intelligence is having the desire to try and figure things out. Cats aren’t content just accepting things for how they are; they want to know why, and to do that, they need to figure out how something works.

Curiosity stems from intelligence, and there’s no question that your cat is smart!

cat standing on a chair
Image Credit: dixenix, Shutterstock

2. They’re Territorial

In the wild, cats are incredibly territorial and need to know about anything coming into their territory. While domestic cats don’t need to worry about protecting the home, their instincts are still there.

So, when they’re trying to take a look at new things you’re bringing in, often, they’re just trying to figure out if any of the new stuff could pose a threat to them.

3. They’re Hunters

Everyone knows that cats love to hunt, but every good hunter knows it’s easier to hunt in familiar terrain. Cats look for high vantage points and then they take the time to try and learn every nook and cranny in your home.

They’re trying to figure everything out. That way, if they ever need to hunt there, they know exactly what they’re working with.

cat hunting
Image Credit: katya-guseva0, Pixabay

4. They’re Looking for Hideaways

If your cat isn’t hunting something, they’re hiding from something. Cats love finding small cubby holes where they can hide so that if a dangerous predator comes they have a place to try and get away from everything.

5. They Want to Play

You meet all your cat’s needs, leaving them with nothing to do but play. The good news for cats is that they love to play, and their curiosity helps them figure out new ways to play with things.

They might be trying to figure out if they can use something as a toy, and they might be trying to figure out a new way to play with something they know is a toy. Either way, if they can find a way to have fun with it, that’s something they’re interested in.

cat playing with a treat dispensing toy
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

6. They Want Attention

If your cat is coming up and messing with everything around you, they might be less curious about what they’re messing with and more curious about figuring out different ways to interact with you. They might want more time to play with you, or they might just be interested in learning a little more about what you do with your time.

7. They’re Hungry

If your cat is nosing around everything they can find, think about the last time you gave them a meal. Sometimes, your cat displays so much curiosity because they’re looking for something to eat.

For many cats, this is the case even if you’ve already fed them enough. The cat might want to eat more even if you’ve already fed it everything it should have for the day.

hungry cat sitting next to bowl of food at home kitchen
Image Credit: Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock

8. Survival Mode

In the wild, a cat can’t survive by ignoring things. And just because a cat lives with people now doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have those natural instincts. Cats are curious by nature, and when you bring them into your home, they still have those curious instincts that shine through.

9. They Want to Learn

Cats want to figure out how everything works around them. Sometimes they want to figure things out for a specific reason, and sometimes they just want to figure things out so they can figure it out.

Cats love to learn, and anything that makes them question something is irresistible to them. It’s true cats love learning for the sake of learning.

women and a cat are sitting in the bedroom watching TV online together
Image Credit: NikOStudio, Shutterstock

10. Natural Instincts

Don’t overthink it. Cats are curious because that’s how they need to be in the wild. Everything about them screams curiosity, and they know how to try and figure things out. Their natural instincts are to explore and discover, resulting in a curious animal!


The next time you see your cat trying to figure something out, take a step back and see if you can’t figure out why they’re trying to figure it out. With a little more understanding, you can have a deeper appreciation for what they’re trying to do and can help satiate their curiosity.

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Featured Image Credit: kalyanby, Shutterstock

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