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50 Russian Cat Names: Top Picks for Your Kot (with Meanings)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Choosing the right name for your cat can be a difficult process. A name stays with them throughout their entire life. You want it to be the right one. Often, pet parents want to choose a name that is unique and makes their kitty stand out. Russian cat names are great for this. The Russian language is beautiful and full of rich history. Considering Russia is also the home of Russian Blue, Siberian, Donskoy, and Kurilian Bobtail cat breeds it makes sense that many cat owners have an interest in naming their feline in honor of this culture.

If you have brought a Russian cat breed into your home, are of Russian heritage, or simply love the language and history the country provides, this list of Russian cat names will give you a great starting point for naming your kitty. You’ll find both male and female names along with their meanings. This will allow you to choose a name that not only fits your kitty’s personality but also has meaning behind it.

How to Name Your Cat

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right name for your cat. Many pet parents name their kitties by their appearance. Others go by personality alone. Of course, before giving any kitty in your home its own name, you want to make sure it will be suited for the long term.

One trick you should always remember when naming your cat, however, is learning the true meaning behind the name. This is especially true with Russian names. You can easily choose a name that has a meaning special to your heart and sounds unique. Russian names have a long history behind their meanings and can show those around you just how unique and special your kitty truly is.

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Image Credit: Natalia Fedosova, Shutterstock

Top 25 Female Russian Cat Names

Here’s a look at our top 25 female Russian cat names. Any of these beautiful names would go great for the gorgeous female felines in your life. Each one is unique and honors the beauty of Russian culture. Check out the names and meanings below so you can choose your favorite!

  • Anastasia – resurrection
  • Anna – grace
  • Anya – a common nickname for Anna
  • Darya – possessing good
  • Dasha – a common nickname for Darya
  • Dunya – well pleased
  • Ekaterina – pure
  • Fedora – a gift from God
  • Galina – tranquil and calm
  • Irina – peace
  • Isadora – a gift of Isis
  • Katya – pure
  • Ludmila – a lover of people
  • Marina – from the sea
  • Masha – a common nickname for Maria
  • Mila – dear
  • Nadina – hope
  • Nataliya – born on Christmas day
  • Olya – hearty, holy
  • Rada – pleased
  • Slava – glory
  • Sonya – wisdom
  • Svetlana – luminescent
  • Tanya – worthy of praise
  • Yelena – a shining light
Donskoy cat
Image Credit: Viachaslau Herostratos, Shutterstock

Top 25 Male Russian Cat Names

Male Russian names are meant to be strong and proud. Each of the 25 names we chose as our favorites below keep this rule in mind. If your boy is needing a name that suits him, and you want to honor the Russian heritage, any of the names on this list will make a good choice. Check out their meanings and find the one best suited for your fellow.

  • Aleksandr – defender of mankind
  • Alek – Aleksandr’s shortened form
  • Alyosha – a common nickname for Aleksandr
  • Bazhen – wish
  • Dima – a common nickname for Dmitry
  • Evgeni – well born
  • Fedora – God’s gift
  • Feliks – lucky (Russian form of Felix)
  • Grisha – watchful, a common nickname for Grigory
  • Igor – warrior of peace
  • Ivan – God is gracious
  • Konstantin – constant and steadfast
  • Kostya – a common nickname for Konstantin
  • Luka – light (Russian form of Luke)
  • Maksim – greatest
  • Mikhail – a follower of God
  • Misha – who is like the Lord
  • Mstislav – vengeance and glory
  • Nikolai – victorious
  • Pyotr – rock (Russian form of Peter)
  • Stanislav – standing in glory
  • Valentin – vigorous and strong
  • Vladimir – of great power
  • Vladislav – rules in glory
  • Yaroslav – glorious and fierce
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Image Credit: Beate Felten-Leidel, Pixabay

In Conclusion

We understand how difficult naming a pet can be. The last thing you want is to give them a bad name and leave them stuck with it for life. Fortunately, if you choose a Russian name for your new kitty family member, you can’t go wrong. Russian names are unique, strong, and beautiful. You’ll love the reactions your cat gets from friends and family when they realize the time and effort you’ve put into giving them a great name. Your cat would also thank you if they could. Perhaps one of those cute meows is their way of saying you did a good job.

Featured Image Credit: miligerova, Pixabay

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