Holiday Sales Info

We have a lot of special discounts planned for the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday week.
If you’re planning on getting your cat a present, this is the time to shop!

Tired of cooking? Take a break and pick out a Pod bed for your best friend!

Use Code: THANKS

Discount code is active 11/22 12:30am-11:30pm east coast time

No need to get up early for door busters – you can shop all day on our website!

Use Code: FRIDAY45

Discount code is active 11/23 12:30am-11:30pm east coast time

Happy Caturday! Did you survive the holiday? Today is a great day to find your kitty a present in thanks for putting up with all the visitors!

Use Code: CATURDAY35

Discount code is active 11/24 12:30am-11:30pm east coast time

Like our cats, on Sundays, I like to get up, eat breakfast, and then go take a nap. And then I like to do some shopping in my PJs!

Use Code: NAPDAY25

Discount code is active 11/25 12:30am-11:30pm east coast time

Don’t leave your laptop and cat alone together today – you may come back to find they have picked out their own holiday gifts!

Use Code: CYBERCAT15

Discount code is active 11/26 12:30am-11:30pm east coast time

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